Project: Less Annoying CRM

Marketing Design

LACRM Mockup (1)

Project Overview

Less Annoying CRM is a simple, yet effective CRM for small business owners. Their focus is to provide users a low-tech way to manage their contacts without all the extra + unnecessary features major CRM companies provide.

The Challenge

While LACRM is a successful company, their marketing page was in need of a refresh. They originally approached design as a second priority to the function + accessibility of their actual product. By doing so the company attracted an older audience as users. As that audience begins to phase out, the company realized they were in need of design updates to attract new, younger customers.

The Solution

The goal was to redesign the pages that were more cohesive across the board + provided a new, more modern take on their current design.

Role + Scope

As theĀ  UI designer for this project, the scope of my work was to redesign 11 marketing pages for the company over a six week period.

The Design Process

Client’s primary pain point: “Our design is outdated so we’re only been attracting + retaining an older audience.”

Working with the team, we dove deep into this pain point before going through any iterations. While this pain point was apparent, it was also leading to another obstacle for the company.

Client’s secondary pain point: “The audience we’ve attracted will be retiring soon + will no longer need to use our product.”

Understanding their need to update, the goals for the designs were to focus on creating on brand initial mockups were to get the foundation down for each page + to rework the copywriting if necessary.

The company requested that the majority of the content on the page remain the same + only be modified if it provides a better experience for the user or more clarification.

The Results

The final designs refreshed the look + feel of the company while still staying on brand. The page designs were reworked to enhance the natural flow of information throughout the page + update the style to feel more modern + youthful.